Below you’ll find summaries of some of our services. If your study focus or subject is not specifically listed, please give us a call — we have experience in a wide range of research.

You need fresh, articulate recruits that match your demographic profile? You need them on a short timeframe? No problem! You need cultural diversity? — Dallas is a multicultural center. You need Japanese, Hispanic, Latino, or European language recruits (or simultaneous translation)? No problem! We will meet your needs and we guarantee you will be pleased with the recruits.

Focus Groups
You need a professional focus room, ample client space, wireless Internet access, simultaneous translation, web casting and a recording format of your choice? No problem! You need a turnkey solution, from recruiting to moderating to report generation and you need it in a hurry? No problem! Whatever your focus group needs, you can fill them at Market Research Dallas.

You need professional interviewers at a retail store or an event and you need them there this weekend? No problem! Market Research Dallas can place the people you need wherever you need them, whenever you need them.

Taste Tests
You need a full service kitchen with multiple stovetops, three large ovens and the ability to do a fish fry and an outdoor barbecue? No problem! With a separate A/C unit for excellent ventilation and individual circuits for multiple microwaves, we are the only place in town well-equipped for any kind of taste test.

Mock Juries
You need to recruit a mock jury in a small county made up of citizens who are not employed by the area’s biggest employer, and you need it next week? No problem! Market Research Dallas has already done it and can do it again for you. Arrangements can be made for on- or off-site meetings, with simultaneous viewing of several deliberation rooms.

Automotive Studies
You need the opinions of owners of new European-made cars with a purchase price above $80,000 and a household income above $200,000? No problem! We know where these owners are, and what it takes to recruit them.

… and many more — just ask us!