About Us

Market Research Dallas (formerly Market Research & Analysis of Dallas) is committed to cost-effectively meeting the needs of our clients through professional, seamless, and on-time market research services. We are:

  • based in Dallas, Texas
  • a full-service strategic market research firm
  • a full-service clinical/medical research recruiter
  • multi-cultural — offering Hispanic, African American, and Asian research services
  • known for our ability to handle challenging projects
  • successful in serving our clients’ needs throughout the world
  • an active member of the Market Research Association
  • versatile A/V capable — multi-camera, translations, webcasting, satellite uplinks, DVD recording, and more. Including our newest offering: 1080i (HDTV), 1920×1080
  • on-site owners/managers of our own 5500 sq. ft. building
  • the closest Dallas facility to both DFW and Love Field airports
  • conveniently located in the North Dallas business corridor
  • only minutes from world-famous Galleria shopping

All kinds of projects. We are renowned for recruiting! You can expect: complex projects which involve Hispanic, national multicultural ethnography, and 50-city+ nationwide intercept studies. We have the ability to handle smoking studies, equipped with two ventilation systems, ionizers, and smokeless ashtrays. We recruit for a wide variety of clinical/medical studies.

Long term happy clients. Owner-managed and operated, we take personal pride in our work. 90+% of our customers are repeat clientele.

We are big enough to cover all of our clients’ needs — and small enough to care. We are also pleased to say: Our clients trust us!