Mock Jury Trials

Market Research Dallas offers:

  • Excellent recruiting
  • Facilitators if required
  • Legal consulting if needed
  • Full translation facilities
  • Full audio visual facilities
  • Proven demographic research and analysis methods
  • Behavioral Prediction Technology for jury selection

Market Research Dallas is an excellent facility in which to host Mock Jury Trials with state-of-the-art audio/visual and full translation services. We offer the best recruiting available by using our proprietary tool that allows us to understand each juror’s individual behavioral motivations. Mock Jury Trials or focus groups are essential tools that determine case strengths, weaknesses, and areas of uncertainty. They are platforms in which strategies and arguments can be modified before the actual jury decides the case outcome. MRD has a unique marketing methodology to develop themes, messages and arguments that compel juries. This is accomplished by conducting condensed jury simulations. Attorneys are able to obtain instant feedback on cases, adjust trial strategies and test alternative theories before the actual trial is conducted. Our mock trials are always videotaped so that the legal team can analyze every aspect of the trial to optimize the time spent in the mock jury trial.

Market Research Dallas offers three different types of simulated focus groups settings depending upon your case needs, and will provide you with personalized feedback specific to your case.

Mock Jury Trials
For clients who are prepared to go to trial. We assist you in testing case themes, opening and closing statements, complex legal arguments and witnesses preparation. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We can also help you to develop themes, tie your legal arguments together, and show you how to deliver them in a way to captivate jurors and increase their understanding of your case. We can also evaluate your risk of exposure.

  • 10-34 participants
  • Attorney presents opening, tests witnesses (video), presents evidence, and delivers closing argument
  • Jurors’ attitudes, opinion, and who they tend to favor, are tested after plaintiff and defense presentation
  • Jurors break into 3 different juries, where they deliberated and fill-out verdict form
  • Facilitator asks jury series of questions once deliberations come to an end and will guide focus groups based on your goals.
  • Clear and concise recommendations will be made for your particular case

Market Research Dallas provides facilitators if needed and does all recruiting according to the specifications of the Legal Team.

Information Gathering
For clients who are still in discovery and are organizing case information.

  • 10-24 participants
  • Parts of the case are read by facilitator followed by question and answer sessions with participants
  • Determine what jurors would want to know or need to know to base a decision while the opportunity still exists to obtain information during discovery we provide jury profiling: The participants will demographically and psychologically match your jury pool and we will measure their opinions and test and rank both plaintiff and defense arguments
  • Our precise research helps you prepare courtroom exhibits and the most effective courtroom technology available

Argument Development and Case Preparation
For clients who are in the process of developing case themes and arguments.

  • 10-34 participants
  • Attorney presents 1-2 hour case summary to participants
  • Jurors’ attitudes, opinions, and who they tend to favor, are tested after plaintiff and defense presentations
  • Jurors break into 3 different juries, where they deliberate and fill-out verdict form
  • Facilitator asks jury series of questions once deliberations come to an end
  • Determines strong and weak case arguments and provide solid strategic advise on which arguments to advance in front of the jury
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